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As President of your UHS High School Alumni Association I am committed to keeping you informed of the activities and planning of your board. With the ever increasing costs of mail and the technology available to us now, the most efficient and expedient method to maintain ongoing contact is via email. 

We want to develop a comprehensive and up to date list of all alumni.  To do that we need your help. We are sending this initial note to all alumni whose email addresses we have on file. If you are in the initial group getting this note please send us any emails you may have of any other UHS alumni.  To check whether we already have it in our files go to the UHS website. Everyone needs to know how to access the website where the information for all will be posted periodically.  

Here are are the instructions to check our current listings:
1.  Type into the internet search bar and tap go or enter.  Or you can click here on
2.  There will be a menu of options across the top of the page. 
3.  A list of categories will appear.  Tapping on any will give you information in that category.
4.  To see all classes tap on alumni info.
5.  A search bar will appear.  Tap on the bar for a curser. Then put any year in the box to search for a particular class year, and tap search.
6.  A list of the class will appear.  First tap on the next number to go through all class pages.  

All information we currently have on each class member can be seen. If you have an email for an individual where one is not shown,  we need it. Please email our UHS admin by clicking here and the updates will be made.  Thank you and we hope to see you all at our next grand reunion in 2025.  

Morris Denton
Class of 1952
President, UHS Alumni Association