University High School Alumni Association Scholarship

The University High School Alumni Association Scholarship is an academic scholarship to The University of Mississippi for full-time undergraduate students who are direct descendants of individuals who attended the University High School during its existence (1929-1963). The scholarship is awarded to an entering freshman or transfer student for their first year at Ole Miss. Each applicant must execute a Federal Application for Student Aid form at the Office of Financial Aid.  When doing so applicants should check the box on the application indicating their interest and list their UHS ancestor. If the applicant needs to acquire more information on their ancestor that can be added later. 

The UHS Scholarship Committee receives applicants and determines the eligibility of applicants. Based on the availability of funds, the Committee determines the amount of each scholarship and the number to be awarded. The minimum stipend is $1,250 for each of the first two semesters, for a total of $2,500. The Office of Financial Aid makes the final decision in the awarding of scholarship based on need, scholarship, and demonstrated leadership.